Oil & Gas Flow Metering Solutions

Advanced Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd. House
Advanced Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd. House

Advanced Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd. House

Advanced Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd. House

Advanced Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd. House

GE’s Measurement & control range of the products includes Flow meters, Pressure Regulators, Flow Control valves. GE is the OEM of these products which are manufactured and marketed by various legal entities of GE.


GE makes flow meter which complies to industry recommendations like Gas meters, Turbine meters complying to AGA 7, Liquid Ultrasonic Meter complying to API and OIML requirements, Gas Ultrasonic Meter complying to AGA 9, Coriolis Mass Flow meters complying to AGA 11.


In addition to the manufacturing of these products, we are also offering complete Flow metering solutions for custody and allocation metering systems.

We provide complete turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning and after sales support for the following Metering packages:

  • Liquid Metering Skids
  • Meter Proving Systems and Online Density Measurement System.
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems.
  • Fuel Selection Skids. .
  • Fuel Additive Injection and Dosing Systems.
  • Gas Metering Systems.
  • Natural Gas Filtration and Conditioning skids.

  • The range of services includes:

  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Selection of most suitable measurement technology as per application requirement.
  • Skid Fabrication & Assembly
  • System Integration and Functional Testing.
  • Lab Calibration and Field Proving for Liquid
  • Supervision Support for Installation, Commissioning and Start-up
  • Operational and Maintenance Training.
  • Warranty and Post Warranty Site Support.

  • Benefits:

  • Optimised design solution to the given conditions and requirements.
  • Following latest API / AGA and ASME Standards for the Design and manufacturing.
  • Use of GE Products with high accuracy and reliability with proven track record.
  • Skid Fabrication at U stamp certified facility equipped with modern and latest machines.
  • High Standard of Quality checks and process capability measurement.
  • Competent and trained Engineering Team for the Design, manufacturing and site work.
  • Flexibility in Design for Adding Option for future modifications / up gradation.
  • Design for safe transportation.