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The Smart Terminal Manager(TM) contains many important features that both increase its utility as well as enhance its ease of use.


  • Configurable End of Shift, End of Day, End of Month reports

  • Terminal throughput reports

  • Inventory and product reconciliation reports

  • Product transfer reports

  • Filling Advice Note and Bill of Lading

  • Alarm and event summary/audit trail

  • Multi Operation facility

  • System provides facility access to multiple operators in the terminal. Each operator or stockholder can monitor data pertaining to his operation

  • Slot Booking

  • With proper password access, terminal managers and customers are allowed to book or allot over the internet an available time slot on a specified day in advance

  • Independent Operation

  • In the event of non-availability of the host computer, STM allows the operator to set up loads locally and generate the necessary documents

  • Standalone Operation

  • The STM database can be updated by uploading data from the presets operating in standalone mode

  • Configuration

  • STM provides a powerful, exhaustive yet user-friendly configuration facility. It allows the user to independently and easily add or update the following:

    Products :stock or product, stock group, stockholder, blends, additives etc.

    Site Facility :devices, bays, tanks, pumps, valves, gates, weigh bridge, ESD, computers etc.

    User info :user group, password, menu, profiles, cards, customer, vehicle, driver, contractor etc.

    Parameters :general, time outs, end of period, reports, languages, units, messages, holidays, events, processes, device drivers, register settings, list values, alarm etc.

  • Help

  • Provides guidance for the use of STM software and the meaning of various screen fields, and facilitates backup/restore of archival data.

  • Technical Features

    Developed on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server platform using the latest .NET tools.

    Uses an open standard, ODBC SQL database like Oracle 10g, which provides a highly secure environment for this application.

    Supports OPC Server/Client configuration. Any DCS system such as Delta-V can access the process data using OPC.

    High availability of the system and operation through redundant servers and dual TCP/IP networks.

    Facility to provide web access using a separate IIS server setup to access the web enabled pages.

    Connectivity to Messaging server for mobile phone interface (Alarms and messages also can be sent as SMS to the concerned personnel.)

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