About Us

Advanced Sys-Tek Is a part of GE Oil and Gas.

The company was established in 1988 as a joint venture with Spectra-Tek UK Ltd. to provide solutions for fiscal metering and automation to Indian clients in the Oil & Gas, Refineries & Pipelines, and Petrochemical industries.

AST 's systems provide measurement solutions in custody transfer of Oil & Gas through pipelines & distribution networks. The terminal automation systems provide solution for accurate loading of petroleum, petrochemical and chemical products in road tankers, rail wagons and barges. These systems can be found in distribution depots, marketing terminals, refineries and ports. Most of these systems operate 24 X 7.

AST has a vast experience of providing automation solution for large and complex terminals as well as small and simple depots.. AST has successfully upgraded existing manually operated terminals to state of the art automated terminal without disturbing the normal operations.

Of late AST has embarked on providing fuel management systems for vehicle fleets with excellent results. Any operator having number of vehicles operating and fuelling from a particular dispensing stations / stations can effectively monitor and control fuel consumption of the vehicles. This ushers green technology in the field of fuel management, thereby saving the environment from pollution.