Terminal Automation > Major subsystems of a typical TAS

The major subsystems of a typical terminal automation system include the gantry automation subsystem, tank farm management subsystem, control room subsystem, and entry-exit subsystem.

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Gantry Automation Subsystem


The Gantry Automation subsystem forms the heart of the Terminal Automation system. It is required to transfer and control the flow of the products. It comprises of the following:

Batch Controller (SmartLoad DL-6000)


The SmartLoad accurately dispenses batches of products/blends of up to 4 components by volume or mass and controls up to 6 additives. It updates Smart Terminal Manager with the progress of the load and alarms. The SmartLoad can be configured for in-line proportional or in-line sequential blending using turbine meter / PD meter, control valve etc.

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Flow Metering Subsystem


Consists of Positive Displacement or Turbine Meters or Coriolis Meters for Volumetric and /or Mass Measurement, Set/Stop Control Valve (diaphragm/ piston/pneumatic type), Strainer and Air Eliminator/ Degasser

Additive Injection Subsystem


The combination of Additive injection system and SmartLoad ensures that the correct amount of additive is dispensed.

Safety Interlock Subsystem


Earth protection, Overspill and Arm Position detectors are other permissives connected to the Preset to ensure safe loading.

Identification / proximity card Reader


ID reader (Proximity type/Touch type) can be interfaced directly to SmartLoad providing access control in the local loading.

Local Control Panel


An Ex-proof panel consisting of indicator lights and push buttons at each loading point provides a simplified driver interface.

Tank Farm Management Subsystem


This subsystem manages the product stored in large tanks and constantly monitors the product level in each tank. It also monitors other important information like density and temperature. Components of a tank farm management system include tank gauges, temperature sensors, tank side indicators, water bottom sensors, communication interface units and tank farm software.

Control Room Subsystem


This subsystem is used to control and monitor the operation of the entire Terminal Automation System in remote mode. It includes redundant Load Rack computers (LRC), operator-interface computers (OIC), printers, networking components, programmable logic controllers, uninterruptible power supplies, panels, consoles and related systems. The application of the STM software is installed in the LRC computers and the graphical user interface of STM is installed in the OICs’.

Access Control Subsystem


This subsystem is responsible for controlling vehicle entry and exit at the facility. The various components include barrier gates, card readers, traffic lights, vehicle sensors, a security station, and other related accessories.