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Smart Terminal Manager(STM) is AST's feature-rich, robust yet flexible solution for Terminal Automation. This comprehensive system not only allows users to manage different aspects of their terminal more efficiently, but can be easily scaled to meet the ever-evolving needs of our rapidly growing customer base.

Terminal Management

  • GUI based overview of the terminal, load progress, alarms, and various controls available at the touch of a button

  • Automation of product receipt (pipeline/railcar/barges), storage and dispatch (loading into trucks/railcars/ships) processes

  • Inventory management and reporting (volume or mass based)

  • Optimization through bay allocation and other specialized features such as slot booking to increase efficiency and throughput of the terminal

  • Security features include access control, interface to CCTV systems, configurable levels of access with passwords, time-stamped audit trails for each event, and controlled truck entry using automated barrier gates

  • Supports various types of proving methods (Compact Prover, Master Meter Prover, Mobile Prover tank)

  • Multi-language support to quickly change the screens to local languages

  • Field proven interface to Host/ERP Systems such as SAP R/3®

  • History, archive of loads and alarms

  • Diagnostic

  • Reports and subsystem level graphical indication of failures

  • Load Unload Automation

  • Interfaces with a combination of different presets at any given site

  • Supports additive injection at each loading point or at the header, and blending of up to 4 products

  • Automates valve control, firewater engine, ESD

  • Efficient pump sequence control

  • Multilevel fall-back mode of operation

  • Tank Farm Management

  • Proven interface to various industry standard tank gauging systems

  • Multi-company terminal with complex additive strategies and supports co-mingled stock

  • Operator can view & control inlet/outlet motor operated valves

  • Storage management with inter-tank transfers

  • Asset Management

  • Facilitates management of maintenance and service records of terminal assets.