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Terminal Automation
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What is Terminal Automation Solution ?

A Terminal can be broadly defined as a storage area where petroleum and chemical products are received through pipelines, barges and rail wagons, and stored in large tanks. These products are then transferred to trucks, wagons and ships to be transported to the end user, like an individual gas station/petrol pump.

We offer total Terminal Management solutions (i.e. design, engineering, supply installation, commissioning & maintenance of the terminal management system) to our customers for efficiently managing and operating product distribution through trucks, rail cars, barges etc, while ensuring safety, security & accuracy. The terminal may be owned by single or multiple companies.

We offer an integrated, advanced and comprehensive Terminal Automation solution using "Smart Terminal Manager (STM)" software. STM offers next generation advanced features in addition to those offered by the earlier AUTOLOAD Software.

AST's projects range from large, specialized systems for customers operating multiple terminals to low volume small terminals/depots that simply need manual data entry without automating the load racks. AST is unique among terminal automation suppliers in not only providing all the turnkey installation services required to bring a new system online, but also in successfully upgrading existing manually operated terminals or terminals automated with older technologies without disturbing ongoing operations.

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STM facilitates and streamlines the entire operation of the terminal and provides quality management information by integrating the functions of various systems, such as the gantry, tank gauging, weighbridge, pumps etc., and the commercial activities of the terminal.

STM has the flexibility to adapt to the user's needs and maximize the benefits provided by integrated Terminal Automation. STM makes loading simpler, safer and more secure, and builds upon AST's extensive experience developing Terminal Automation applications.