Environment, Health and Safety Policy

AST aims at being a responsible Corporate Citizen. We want our stakeholders to have a good opinion of us. Keeping this in mind, our company’s goal is to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage social program initiatives so that our future generations have a better place to live in. Many of the AST’s technology and service offerings advocate the necessity for better energy efficiency and environmental sustainability while also promoting the need to cater to social requirements. 

As part of our daily operations, we often collaborate with our clients, colleagues, suppliers and various communities. We ensure that while this happens, safety is of prime importance such that our people, customers, communities and our environment are take care of. 

The health and safety of our employees is crucial for us. AST thus follows all guidelines as mentioned by IOGP and IPIECA. AST along with our stakeholders believe in detecting health risks before deployment of workers at a work station. In case of a hazard, our primary focus is to attend to the employee, without delay. We believe in providing the right care at the right time for our employees. In case of an extended period of injury or illness, we ensure that the employees commence working only after they are healthy enough to return to work.