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AST has its own manufacturing facility, fully equipped with component test jigs & calibrated instruments. We have an Electronic assembly shop floor area of 6500 sq. ft., where our Trained & Qualified team of Test Engineers work very hard to provide impeccable and the best quality of products and services.  

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AST offers a Total Terminal Automation Solution for Managing Storage, Distribution and Custody Transfer of Oil, Gas & Chemical products through Tank Truck, Rail Wagon, Pipeline and Ship. 

AST offers complete Flow metering solutions for custody and allocation metering systems. For Skid or Non-Skid based measurement and control of Oil and Gas, AST provides a fiscal metering system for on-line Custody Transfer of these Fluids. 

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AST’s proficiency reflects in our daily tasks which include Software Development, Proposal Engineering, Consultancy, Budgeting and Scheduling, Designing, Engineering, Configuration, Procurement, Project Management & Execution - Supply, Installation, Commissioning, After sales support and Technical training. 

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