SmartLoad® Batch Controller


A Batch controller controls and displays the quantity of Oil and Gas that is transferred from the tanks to the TTs (Truck Terminals). Batch Controllers are thus usually used in distribution, loading and unloading of products like Petroleum, LNG, LPG and special Chemicals. Using Batch Controllers, we can also perform the blending process as well as add injectives.  

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Sentry Card Reader


Due to the volatile nature of some products at the loading junction, it is important to have adequate safety. Furthermore, due to the possibility of embezzlement of these products, security is important. Thus, for these reasons, only authorised people should be allowed in the depot. AST’s card reader is an Access Control Device It is used to restrict access of unauthorized Vehicles and persons in the depot and gantry.

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Smart Ground Detector+


The SMART ground detector+ not only ensures the grounding of the truck, but it also has the RTR feature, which recognises the truck and ensures that only the truck is grounded and not any other conducting object. 

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Smart Ground Detector


Static charges in some volatile products can cause an explosion, as a result, static charges need to be removed from the truck terminal. The SMART ground detector ensures that during the transfer process, the vehicle is properly grounded.

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Smart Overspill Detector


Over-spilling may cause environmental damage and also potentially harm the workers and people living in the vicinity. Overspill Sensor detects the level of fluid transferred and if it crosses a certain predetermined limit prevents overspill while loading of any hazardous/ non-hazardous fluid. 

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SmartLock Arm Interlock


The Arm Interlock ensures that the loading arm is properly positioned and locked during loading. This will ensure that the product that is to be loaded is transferred only into the loading tank.

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