Earthing Relay
Model : Smart Ground Ditector

The Earthing Relay senses the static-charge potential of the Tanker and provides a safe grounding path for this charge through a low impedance and intrinsically safe electronic module, which is itself housed in an explosion proof enclosure mounted near the loading terminal.

SGD is a resistive principle based monitoring device that resolves the problem of static charge generated during loading & unloading operation on road tankers, drums or vessels.


It continuously monitors health of the earth connections and provide ultimate safety to the valuable assets and to the workers serving in hazardous area against fire and explosions that may occurs due to errors in un-healthy ground / static charge generation-accumulation.


  • Single & Dual Channel Earthing Relay
  • Immediately shuts down the loading/unloading operation if proper static grounding is not detected
  • Provides four set points of resistance values and shuts of the product transfer process through its interlock output if resistance of the earth circuit is more than the set value of the resistance
  • Detects loss of static earth
  • Provides an electrical connectivity to ensure that the vehicle or tank is at the same potential as the loading rack or fill station
  • Potential free relay output for pumps, values, PLCs, alarms, Batch controller, etc

Standards & Certification

  • PESO, CMRI approved for use in Hazardous area