Pulse Transmitters

Pulse Transmitter converts the angular rotation of its input shaft into two separate electrical pulse trains, phase shifted by 90 degree


VS300 finds use in control systems application as a general purpose, robust, industrial pulse transmitter. It’s specifically designed for positive displacement volume flow metering applications in the oil and petrochemicals industry.


  • Flameproof Enclosure
  • Designed to mechanically work with variety of PD Meters
  • Twin output pulse trains, 90 degree phase shifted
  • It interfaces electronically with variety of Batch controllers, totalisers, flow computers etc. enabling compliance of level A security as per IP252/76, ISO 6551 and API Chapter 5 standards
  • Resolution of 100 pulses per revolution for each pulse stream
  • Optically generated pulses using LED sources
  • Special anti-chatter mechanism included