Magnetic Locking Needle Valve
Model : KeySpin

A KeySpin™ is an anti-tamper Needle Valve designed to restrain un-authorised operations in industrial usage where safety and reliability is utmost important


This device has a unique free-spin magnetic locking mechanism to secure the device from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorized use, tampering and in turn theft.


  • Magnetic key is coded to match the lock. Sliding magnet into the recess will not defeat the lock
  • No electricity required, No battery inside, Safe for hazardous area use
  • Operation is immune to radio frequency noise; No radio frequency generated
  • The Needle valves are available in various sizes from 1/4" to 1" inlets
  • Needle valves available in 316 stainless steel body
  • Wide operating temperature range 0 to 60 C