Earthing Relay
Model : Smart Ground Ditector+®

Smart Ground Detector+® is micro controller-based grounding device that effectively controls and dissipates static charge with continuous ground loop monitoring and road tanker recognition


Used in Terminal Automation as well as used in wide range of applications like Process, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Paint Industries.


  • Presence of Tank-truck recognition based on capacitance
  • Ensures that clamps from tank-truck earth and earthing relay are connected through tank-truck only and not through gantry structure
  • Easy connection to vehicles with rugged plug & socket arrangement & spiral cable
  • Detects resistance in the earth loop and Monitors earth potential
  • Ensures low resistance in the earth pit
  • Potential free relay output for pumps, values, PLCs, alarms, Batch controller, etc
  • The Earthing Status can be transmitted over a remote computer via built-in serial port
  • Recognizes that the connection is to the Vehicle being loaded and not any other structure

Standards & Certification

  • ATEX (CE), IECEX and PESO approved for use in Hazardous area